Brief History

SHINIL Pharma Ltd (SiPL) is one of the top growing Pharmaceutical company in the Human Health and Animal Health sector in Bangladesh. SPL adopting the most recent technology to formulate and to produce generic formulation ensuring optimum quality compared to the international brands.

SHINIL Pharma started its operation in 1995 through establishing a company named PHARMA & FIRM in association SHINIL BIOGEN Co.,LTD. Till Now PHARMA & FIRM is  responsible for importing and distributing SHINIL  products to the local market.

Later on, in 2006 PHARMA & FIRM decided to establish its own pharmaceutical plant named SHINIL Pharma Ltd to produce the products those are imported from SHINIL BIOGEN CO.,Ltd , Korea  and other local generics for indigenous market.

The industrial unit is fully equipped with man and machine, engaged in manufacturing its products using state of the art technology, in accordance to cGMP and WHO guidelines. With strategically located depots at key points around the country, and enjoying the services of highly skilled marketing team, the company is reaping the benefits of an efficient distribution and marketing network. SiPL is a company with scientific roots. Consequently, technology is crucial to our design, manufacturing and even the presentation of our products to the prescribers and end users. We are continuously learning and constantly seeking to improve our products.

There are literally thousands of active ingredients which are available for formulators to choose from. However, except for on a few occasions where we find a very interesting complex from a ‘molecule developer’, we prefer to research the literature and find single ingredients with best data, and start to build up a product from there. SiPL have split their products into two categories:


  • Health Care Products

  • Animal Health Products


In this advanced age of science, the researches in pharmaceuticals have achieved extra ordinary feats. We at SiPL are constantly improving our products, adapting to the new age life science technology to deliver the very best and advanced preparation to the dispensers and prescribers.

Our in house research is one of the most important tools of our success. We prioritize in not only the therapeutic efficacy, but also the physician’s requirements, patient acceptance of the product and benefits to the chemists and the retailers. Our research teams spend endless hours at the labs making our products better, refining the product design from its formulation, manufacturing, QC processes, packaging, and nourish to its distribution.

SPL will wishes to launch Vaccine, Hormone and Cephalosporin preparations to its product portfolio in future.

SHINIL Pharma limited is engaged with strategic marketing process which involves building customer relationships by creating and delivering superior customer value aiming to produce high customer equity. SiPL successfully and efficiently blending skilled people, resources, organizational structure and decisions for implementing strategies at all levels.