Production Facilities

SHINIL Pharma Ltd. plant has latest manufacturing facilities for oral Solids, Liquids, Powder and Small Volume Parenteral (injectable).
Inside of each of the facilities, partition walls and ceiling are made of sandwich panels with SLE (self-levelling epoxy) flooring to make SHINIL Pharma Ltd. to be the legendary facility in Bangladesh.


HVAC is also designed by APC to meet the requirements of US FDA, EU GMP and ASHRAE. The environment classifications of the production facility are class 100 (A), class 100 (B), class 10000 (C), class 100000 (D) and class 100000 (E) depending on the activities performed. Central Building Management System is installed for monitoring and controlling of HVAC system including Chillers, Pumps, Boilers, Fire Fighting System and Air Compressors .



Sourcing of most of the equipment’s for the facility is made from Europe, USA, Korea,Taiwan, China and India with provisions for proper validation and to guarantee consistent performance and reliability.

Purified Water and WFI System

Separate Purified Water and WFI system of Indian origin are installed for Injectable products. Captive electricity generation available to guarantee uninterrupted power supply to the plant.

Waste Management System and ETP :

There is a solid waste management system for disposal of solid waste and trash materials. A well-defined policy exists inclusive of in-house management through segregation and also with the provisions for using incinerator to protect the environment.