Research and Development

Our complete facilities for Research and Developments are designed with the necessary and sophisticated tools to perform world class research. Analysis is carried out by highly experienced team of Pharmacists, Chemists and Engineers, who make the company successful to add strategic products to our portfolios. Along with Quality Control Department, R & D teams conduct periodical analysis to put highest potency in our products.

Premises and Emphasized area of our researches: 


Our instruments and tools are highly sophisticated and GMP recommended. Below is the list of some high-performance analytical tools used in our laboratories-

  1. High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)
  2. UV Visible Spectrophotometer
  3. Infrared Spectrophotometer
  4. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  5. Full Factory are developed by HVAC System

SHINIL Pharma Ltd  meet the WHO cGMP guidelines to perform qualitative and quantitative researches in our both biological and non-biological products.

 We Have,

  1. Pre-formulation studies to assess the physicochemical properties of drug substance in order to design the optimum drug delivery system.
  2. Validation of analytical methods.
  3. Accelerated stability testing to check physical, chemical aspects of formulations
  4. In process quality assessments and problem handling
  5. All raw materials, packaging materials, in-process materials and finished products are analysed by validated test methods, against pre-defined specifications.
  6. Sterility test with membrane filtration unit
  7. Environment monitoring of manufacturing area