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Rumitop Powder (Vet)

Generic Name: Appetizer and Digestive Stimulant Therapeutic Category : Nutritional

Each box contains 10x20 gm sachet.

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Rumitop Powder (Vet)
Each 20 gm contains 
Ammonium Bicarbonate BP  5.00 gm
Nuxvomica Powder BP 1.40 gm
Sodium Bicarbonate BP 13.00 gm
Gentian Powder BP 0.30 gm
Ginger Powder BP 0.30 gm

Rumitop Powder (Vet) is used for the treatment of cattle, buffalo, horse, goat & sheep suffering from indigestion, inappetence, anorexia, gastritis and ruminal impaction.

Dosage Administration

Cattle & Buffalo - 
For 100-300 kg body weight: 1-2 sachets 
For 301-500 kg body weight: 3 sachets
Calf, Goat & Sheep-
15-25 kg body weight: ¼   - ½ sachet 
Above 25 kg body weight: ½ - 1 sachet 

Required quantity of Rumitop Powder (Vet)  should be mixed in 1-2 liter of water and administered twice daily for 2-3 days. 
Or as directed by the registered Veterinarian.

Side Effects

At recommended doses, Rumitop Powder (Vet) is relatively safe.


Rumitop Powder (Vet) is contraindicated in animals hypersensitive to active ingredients.

Withdrawal Period



Store at a temperature below 30⁰C, protect from light, keep in cool & dry place. Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

Pack Size

Each box contains 10x20 gm sachet.

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