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Simar Injection (Vet)

Generic Name: Marbofloxacin BP Therapeutic Category : Antibiotic

10 ml vial

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Simar Injection (Vet)

Each ml Injection contains Marbofloxacin BP 100 mg.


Simar Injection (Vet) belongs to 3rd generation Fluroquinolone with broad spectrum bactericidal antimicrobial activity towards gram positive, gram negative bacteria and mycoplasma.

Mode of action

Simar Injection (Vet) is a bactericidal antibiotic, actively killing bacteria by inhibiting bacterial DNA gyrase and the Topoisomerase IV enzyme.


Simar Injection (Vet) is indicated for the treatment of severe respiratory tract infections, diarrhea and gastro-enteritis, neonatal gastro-enteritis caused by E. coli & worked against acute mastitis.

Dosage Administration

Treatment of Respiratory Infections:
Single Dose Treatment- 4 ml/50 kg body weight (8 mg/kg body weight) through IM route.
Multiple Dose Treatment- 1 ml/50 kg body weight (2 mg/kg body weight) through IM/SC route for 3-5 days.
If the volume to be injected is more than 20 ml, it should be divided between two or more injection sites.
Treatment for Acute Mastitis- 1 ml/50 kg body weight (2 mg/kg body weight) through IM/SC route for 3-5 days.
The first injection can also be carried out by IV administration.
Or, as directed by the registered Veterinarian.

Side Effects

Common side effects- Vomiting, diarrhea & lack of appetite.
Rare side effects- A greenish retroceding coloring of faeces at the end of treatment has been shown sometimes.


Simar Injection (Vet) is not recommended for use in animals with known hypersensitivity to Marbofloxacin & in case of resistant bacteria to other Fluroquinolones.

Pregnancy Lactation

Simar Injection (Vet) may be used safely during pregnancy and lactation.

Withdrawal Period

After using Simar Injection (Vet) meat should not be eaten for 06 days & milk 36 hours.


Store at a temperature below 300c, protect from light & keep in dry place. Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

To be disbursed as per prescription of registered Veterinarian only.
Don’t use the medicine more than prescribed amount.
Complete the full course as advised by the Veterinarian.

Pack Size

10 ml vial

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