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SHINIL Pharma Ltd. is one of the growing pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh which has been contributing to improving the human health care and Animal health of the country by providing quality branded-generic pharmaceuticals. SHINIL Pharma Limited is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of medicines for both Human Health care and Animal Health care. SHINIL has always been instrumental in promoting technology transfer through establishing collaborative relations with the internationally reputed research-based companies. This is reflected in license agreement with the pharmaceutical companies like Shinil Biogen Co Ltd, South Korea. SHINIL Pharma Limited of tomorrow is to provide customers with world class medications for better health turning innovative science into value for patients and socity.

Our Products High Quality, Best Product

  • Cipryl Bolus (Vet)

    Cipryl Bolus (Vet)

  • Shilevo Solution (Vet)

    Shilevo Solution (Vet)

  • Vermishin Pour On sol. (Vet)

    Vermishin Pour On sol. (Vet)

  • Ascerzin Powder (Vet)

    Ascerzin Powder (Vet)

  • Shinitize Hand Rub

    Shinitize Hand Rub

  • Shitril Bolus (Vet)

    Shitril Bolus (Vet)

  • Shizinc Bolus (Vet)

    Shizinc Bolus (Vet)



  • Vermishin Injection (Vet)

    Vermishin Injection (Vet)

  • Shitamol Bolus (Vet)

    Shitamol Bolus (Vet)

  • Cipryl 20 WSP (Vet)

    Cipryl 20 WSP (Vet)

  • Shillergen Bolus (vet)

    Shillergen Bolus (vet)

  • Rumiguard Powder (Vet)

    Rumiguard Powder (Vet)

  • Simar Injection (Vet)

    Simar Injection (Vet)

  • Shifen Injection (Vet)

    Shifen Injection (Vet)

  • Vermishin Solution (Vet)

    Vermishin Solution (Vet)

  • Rumitop Powder (Vet)

    Rumitop Powder (Vet)

  • Shinamycin WSP (Vet)

    Shinamycin WSP (Vet)

  • SI Dipro Solution (Vet)

    SI Dipro Solution (Vet)

  • Shinamycin Bolus (Vet)

    Shinamycin Bolus (Vet)

  • SI-Iron Solution (Vet)

    SI-Iron Solution (Vet)

  • Shisel-E Solution (Vet)

    Shisel-E Solution (Vet)

  • Otocin Injection (Vet)

    Otocin Injection (Vet)

  • Simar Bolus (Vet)

    Simar Bolus (Vet)

  • Meloshin Plus injection (Vet)

    Meloshin Plus injection (Vet)

  • Meloshin Plus  Bolus (Vet)

    Meloshin Plus Bolus (Vet)

  • Shiflu Inj (Vet)

    Shiflu Inj (Vet)

  • Bloat Clean

    Bloat Clean


Our History

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